Our Theory of Change

Picture a community that is free from family violence and where everyone is safe. EDVOS believes this is achievable and that our work will contribute to this change. This is the reason that we exist, and our Theory of Change has been developed to guide our work over the next 7 to 10 years and to track our progress towards the change we wish to see. The Theory of Change identifies and links who we will work with and the pathways we will follow to achieve our long-term desired outcomes and vision.

EDVOS works with

Victim Survivors

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Delivering innovative and high quality services within an intersectional feminist framework.

Addressing Family Violence through prevention, early intervention, response and recovery.

Empowering and amplifying the voices of victim survivors.

Advocating for effective Family Violence services and systems.

EDVOS works with


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Focusing on best practice that leads to perpetrator accountability.

EDVOS works with

Broader Community


Addressing attitudes and behaviours to prevent family violence.

EDVOS works with

Other Organisations

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Listening and learning from other organisations.

Collaborating and partnering.

Influencing practice and contributing to research.

Which creates...

An environment where victim survivors are safe, respected and supported.

An environment where victim survivors are able to recover and thrive.

An environment where perpetrators take responsibility for their actions and change their behaviour.

A community that does not tolerate violence and challenges rigid gender roles, gender inequality, sexism and discrimination.

A community that is capable of recognising and responding to Family Violence when it occurs.

A community that challenges perpetrators to take responsibility for their choice to use violence.

An effective integrated and collaborative system that works together to prevent and respond to family violence.

Which leads to...

A community free from family violence, where everyone is safe.

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